swim show and Q&A with Ellen van Neerven

swim show and Q&A with Ellen van Neerven


Thursday 12 September 2024, 11:00 am - 12:45 pm


Hothouse Theatre, Lincoln Causeway, Wodonga VIC 3690


$17, (teachers free)

Year Level

Yr 10; Yr 11; Yr 12

Event Type

Special Event


150 students

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11am to 12.45pm, 10-12, HotHouse Theatre

Mununjali poet Ellen van Neerven is one of Australia’s finest and most awarded writers (Throat, Heat and Light). swim is their debut work for the stage.

Genderfluid protagonist E negotiates the space between the men’s and women’s change rooms. They flex in front of the cute pool attendant. As they step onto the diving blocks, the words of their Aunty come to them – and suddenly, the crystalline blue tiles give way to much deeper water.

swim is delicate and tough, honest and achingly beautiful – and it muses on everything from the sovereignty of water to gender identity and the binding strength of culture and family.

Told with cheek and heart by Baad/Yawuru performer Dani Sibosado (Bran Nue Dae).

*Following the performance, Ellen van Neerven will join the cast on stage for an intimate and enlightening discussion around the development of the work. Hear Ellen discuss the writing process, from poetry to playwriting, and unpacking the themes and ideas in the work both in writing and in production.

Please note this is not a free event: Students $17 (teachers free).

Book directly with Hothouse here!

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