Living Breathing Stories

Celebrating the stories that speak to us and through us

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Living Breathing Stories

Living Breathing Stories

Celebrating the stories that speak to us and through us

The WAM 2023 Festival program – Living Breathing Stories – features storytellers who weave past, present and future in inspired and surprising ways.

If ever there was a time we needed powerful stories, grounded in reality and infused with agency and possibility, that time is now. Individually and collectively, we need stories that allow us to live and breathe, that literally inspire our creativity and vision as a species in symbiosis with a living world.

We’ve gathered stories of breathtaking vision and stunning originality. Living, breathing stories that shift in time yet are firmly of our moment. Stories that remember where we’ve been and see what we’ve become. Stories infused with the living body of time and place.

Our featured authors and storytellers work in and between many genres: historical fiction, literary fiction, science fiction, crime fiction, memoir, poetry, non-fiction, spoken word, visual art and more.

We’re celebrating the stories that move us and move within us, that speak to us and speak through us, of the real and imagined places we inhabit.

Guests include highly acclaimed authors Pip Williams, Debra Dank, Kate Mildenhall, Paul Dalgarno, Kathyrn Heyman, Margaret Hickey and Shelley Burr; poets Joel McKerrow, Megan J Riedl and Luke Patterson; local ‘Yarn Bombers’, YA and children’s authors, illustrators, podcasters, songsmiths.

The Dungeons & Dragons crew are back by popular demand. Hyphen Wodonga again plays host to our cross-border Australian Poetry Slam heat. And the perennially loved Stereo Stories in Concert returns with a dazzling pre-show party featuring magic, music and random acts of poetry.

Join us for the 17th Write Around the Murray Festival, on from Wednesday 13 to Sunday 17 September, in and around the Albury LibraryMuseum and supporting venues.

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