Project Artist
Rachel McNamara

Student Artists
Chance, Groch, Jacob Strelec, Ruby Wilesmith, Lillyanne Williams, Georgia Gehrig, Gracey Crabbe, Tylan Phillips, Dion Law, Isabelle Kelly, Willow Dinan-Mann, Winnie Nyombe.

We would like to thank the students from Albury Public School who contributed to the initial development of this project.

Albury LibraryMuseum Team
Shelby Robb

AlburyCity Staff
Alicia Quaglio and the entire Botanic Gardens team.

Tree Talk is based on writings by authors such as:
Anna Claybourne, Durga Bernhard, Harriet Birkinshaw, Peter Wohlleben, Sandra Kendell, Ailsa Wild, Philip Bunting.

We thank the creators of The Rainforest Walk guide for teaching us about the trees and showing us the way. Rainforest walk | AlburyCity (

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