Refugee Journeys

Refugee Journeys

Christine Cummins shares stories and understanding from her five years as a Torture and Trauma Counsellor on Christmas Island.


Thursday 15 September 2022, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Lavington Library, Northpoint Tower, Griffith Road, Lavington



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Christine Cummins spent five years on Christmas Island as a Torture and Trauma Counsellor. She wrote Dignity in a Teacup: True Stories of Courage and Sacrifice from Christmas Island, to share the truth of Australian immigration detention and the reality of the refugee journey.

Both heartbreaking and inspiring, the stories Christine shares come from Tamils fleeing Sri Lanka after the civil war, Afghans escaping the Taliban, and Iraqis, stateless Kurds, Iranians and unaccompanied children from Somalia. Her book reveals what it is like to be detained in immigration detention on Christmas Island and why people risk their lives to seek asylum.

This talk is held at the Lavington Library along with the exhibition, In-Between, featuring work by past and present immigrants in Australian detention.

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