My Grandma Is 100: Creating a Children's Book

My Grandma Is 100: Creating a Children's Book

An insider's look at how a picture book evolves.


Saturday 22 August - Saturday 3 October 2020


CommunityWall, LibraryMuseum



My Grandma Is 100, written by Aimee Chan, illustrated by Angela Perrini and published by Little Steps Publishing, 2019.

ISBN: 1925839532, 9781925839531
Length: 28 pages

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My Grandma Is 100: Creating a Children's Book gives an insider's look at how a picture book evolves from storyboard to finished product with a beautiful and personal story by Albury author Aimee Chan, with illustrations by Angela Perrini. This exhibition also includes never before seen juvenilia by the author and personal items from the real Grandma Edna's home.

About My Grandma is 100

My Grandma is 100 is a picture storybook about the relationship between young children and their grandparents and great-grandparents. It focuses a child's wonder, awe and interest in what it means for someone to turn 100 years old.

When someone has 100 year old ears, can they hear you to answer questions? When someone has 100 year old teeth, what kinds of food can they eat? How many candles do you put on a 100 year old person's birthday cake? And what present do you buy for someone who is turning 100? Based on the story of a real centenarian, My Grandma is 100 explores those essential intergenerational relationships and gives a glimpse into just how much things have changed in 100 years.

This exhibition is held in conjunction with Write around the Murray, 2020

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