Greg Gibbs describes himself as a horticulturalist by day and hobbyist
astrophotographer by night.  Ever since Greg witnessed Halley's Comet
at the age of seven he has had a background interest in astronomy.
Growing up, he enjoyed seeing things like lunar eclipses, meteor
showers, and other bright comets.  But, it wasn't until he purchased
his first DSLR camera in 2010 that he discovered a passion for
photographing the night sky.

"I was playing around with the camera one night and I thought to
myself, 'what would happen if I just went outside and held the shutter
button down for a long time?  Could I capture a couple of stars on
camera?'  The resulting image whilst completely out of focus and
riddled with noise, blew my mind so much that I started devouring as
much information about astrophotography as I could, and I have been
hooked ever since," says Gibbs.

Although Greg enjoys experimenting with telescope based
astrophotography and other photography like storm chasing, his real
passion is doing what started it all- using nothing more than a camera
and normal tripod to capture the beauty of the night sky that
surrounds us all.

"If through my images I can inspire just one person to look up with a
greater appreciation of the night sky, then I will be completely
satisfied.  I am only out taking images at all hours of the night,
because I simply love being under the stars."

Greg's work has appeared in magazines, calendars, books and numerous
websites including being featured on NASA's Astronomy Picture of the
Day.  You can find out more about Greg, follow him on social media, or
view more of his images via his website: