T. R. Napper

T. R. Napper

T. R. Napper is a multi-award-winning speculative fiction author. His short fiction has appeared in annual 'Year's Best' anthologies, and he has been published in respected genre magazines in the US, the UK, Israel, Austria, Australia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Before turning to writing, T. R. Napper was a diplomat and aid worker, delivering humanitarian programs in Southeast Asia for a decade. During this period, he resided in the Old Quarter in Ha Noi for several years, the setting for his debut novel, 36 Streets.

Napper earned his doctorate in creative writing for his thesis on Noir, Cyberpunk, and Asian Modernity. 

These days he has returned to his home country of Australia, where – in addition to writing –  he works as a Dungeon Master, running campaigns for young people with autism for a local charity.

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