Gavin Blake

Gavin Blake

Gavin Blake has been a visual scribe for over twenty years.

His visuals have been seen at over 80 TEDx conferences around the world as well as board rooms, exec retreats and product launches of top Australian and international corporations and government agencies. He also loves scribing at writers’ festivals, dialogue groups, and yarning circles.

Gavin’s work’s purpose is to make conversations and messages visible, so people can remember the content and share it with a wider audience.

This work has been seen to be especially powerful in the disability and neurodiversity sectors, with non-native English speaker groups, and with First Nations peoples.

Gavin and his team provide Visual Scribing services (as seen at this event), Strategic Illustration (drawing company strategies and business plans) as well as Animation services.

Gavin lives in the country near Canberra with his wife, two children, 3 rescue cats, and a Kelpie/Border Collie.

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