Christine Cummins

Christine Cummins

Christine Cummins spent five years on Christmas Island as a Torture & Trauma counsellor working with asylum seekers detained in the immigration detention centre. She witnessed the arrival of thousands of men, women and children by boat and has provided counselling and support to hundreds. Christine is a Psychiatric Nurse Consultant with a Masters in Mental Health, she has a background in social justice and human rights having worked with aid agencies in Sri Lanka and Iran and in the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia with indigenous communities. A vocal advocate Christine is passionate about the need to maintain human dignity and access to basic human rights for all. Christine`s book Dignity in a teacup: true stories of courage and sacrifice was written to meet the intense interest people have in learning of the truth within Australian immigration detention and the reality of the refugee journey.

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Christine Cummins shares stories and understanding from her five years as a Torture and Trauma Counsellor on Christmas Island.

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