Highlights from WAM 2022

The theme of WAM 2022 was Playing with Story.  Our passionate gathering of storytellers shed light on creativity and the art of storytelling through poetry, performance, memoir, fiction, visual art, song and more.

Our Dungeons and Dragons encounter captivated die-hards and initiates alike with hilarity and seat of the pants storytelling unfolding on live on stage, Stereo Stories blew us away once again with an expertly crafted evening of music-entwined memoir, and the Stiff Gins transported us to another realm altogether through harmony, language and song.

Festival guests included Michelle de Kretser, Huda the Goddess, Sulari Gentill, Jock Serong, Margaret Hickey,  Jeff Sparrow, Yves Rees, Gabrielle Wang, Gary Lonesborough, Eliza Hull, Patti Miller, T.R. Napper, Eliza Henry-Jones, Lee Kofman, Amal Awad, Keir Wilkins, Christine Cummins, Ailsa Wild, Ruth Davys and more.  Listen to recorded conversations on WAM YouTube and podcast platforms.

This 14-minute highlights reel beautifully captures the festival vibe and breadth of our program including the schools program and WAM4Kids, the Poetry Slam, D&D, Stereo Stories and author talks. Or go for a quick 90 second digest here.

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