Secrets of the Streets

Secrets of the Streets

It's possible you might be a psychogeographer, you just don't know it yet. Share an image and a story for this local psychogeography project.

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“Making a connection with the lives and stories embedded in the place.”

Faced with physical distancing and isolation, most of us were jolted out of our routines earlier this year. Many began taking more walks in the local area, talking to the neighbours more, wandering the streets, noticing things for the first time, wondering about them, even digging a little to find out more about an unusual building or a derelict site.

It turns out this is a pastime with a name. "Psychogeographers" are given to wandering the streets with no destination in mind, but to make a connection with the lives and stories embedded in a place, unearthing the secrets the seemingly lie hidden.

We invited writer and psychogeographer, Nick Gadd, to tell us all about psychogeography.

Are you inspired?

We’re inviting residents, or anyone connected to Albury-Wodonga, to contribute to this project. We’re interested in your images of the ordinary, the strange, the unexpected, the old, new, lost, found, the marvellous – and your words about what has caught your attention.

Curious? Nick created WAM Psychogeography as a repository for images and writings by anyone similarly inspired in the Albury Wodonga region.

Visit WAM Psychogeography

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