Arielle is an Afro-Latina poet, performance artist, and dancer. She began performing spoken word in 2014 while studying at the University of Melbourne and went on to become the 2016 Australian Poetry Slam Champion. Since then she has developed a full-time career as a spoken-word poet including working as creative producer of Melbourne’s Slamalamadingdong.

She released her first chapbook, The Tarantist's Soapbox, in April 2016. Her forthcoming book, Curls and Other Wars, will be released in 2017. She currently resides in San Antonio, Texas, where she continues to write and perform.

Arielle's writing probes the territory of the personal as the political, dealing heavily with themes of identity, heritage, history, and the roles they play in immediate, everyday interactions. Her performances incorporate elements of dance and physical theatre to create multidisciplinary pieces that have been described as both elegant and profoundly moving. View Arielle’s winning poem at the Australian Poetry Slam National Final: