WAM 2017 A brilliant, 'Illuminating' festival. Our luminous guests included: Angela Pippos, Christine Anu, David Astle, Barrie Cassidy with Tony Wright, Shane Wright and Natlaie Kotsios; Danny Katz, Mitch Vane, Bruce Pascoe, Tony Birch, Jason Steger, Michael Sala, Ursula Duborsarsky, David Astle, Lisa Dempster, Emily Maguire, Nicole Hayes, Brooke Maggs, J.C. Burke, Zohab Khan, Chris Collin, Jenn J McLeod, Stereo Stories and more. View the photo gallery here and the gorgeous video montage here.

WAM 2016 Our tenth year saw 5,800 people attend WAM events and enter the writing competitions. Guest authors included: Barrie Cassidy, Jackie French, Bruce Whatley, Graeme Base, Libby Gleeson, Benjamin Law, Biff Ward, Helena Pastor, Anson Cameron, Debra Oswald, John Blay, Jane Harrison,  Emilie Zoey Baker, Philly, Lorin Elizabeth, Fleur Ferris, Jason Steger, Mark Penzak and more. We laughed, cried and danced at Stereo Stories. We clicked, clapped and whooped at the WAM Slam. View photos here and a one-minute video wrap here.

WAM 2015 'Journeys to alternate worlds' was the theme for a fantasy and sci-fi flavoured festival which saw record participation of 5,170 people in 65 events. Guests included Graeme Simsion, Rob Lloyd, Isobelle Carmody, James Bradley, Jessie Cole, Andrew McGahan, Jason Steger, Adam Richard, Andy Kissane, Narelle Oliver, Richard Harland, Jane Rawson, Marc McBride, Danielle Binks, David Gilbey, Lachlan Brown, Kate Rotherham, Mark Dapin, David Henley and more. Highlight events included Tim Flannery in conversation with Melanie Tait, Adam Liaw at the Community Wood Fried Oven, our opening night play 'Who are you supposed to be?' with amazing cosplay at the Pop Culture after-party, and seven stunning stories at Now Hear This. View photo gallery here.

WAM 2014 Featured guests included Nick Earls, Michael Robotham, Meme McDonald, Kirsty Murray, Chris Masters, Matthew Condon, Wendy Harmer, Boori Monty Pryor, Sonya Hartnett, Sulari Gentill, Adrian McKinty, Jason Steger and more. Highlight events included Radio National's Now Hear This and Damian Callinan's The Out of Print Book Club. Check out the image gallery on flickr

WAM 2013 Australian Voices was the theme of the 2013 festival. Guests included Libby Gleeson, Poh Ling Yeow, Jesse Blackadder, Phillip Gwynne, Tony Birch, John Danalis, Bruce Pascoe, Sydney Smith and more. You can check out the image gallery on flickr here and read Robyne Young's full account of the festival on her blog here.

WAM 2012 Festival guests included Elliot Perlman, Charlotte Wood, Tony Wilson, Fiona O'Loughlin, Doug MacLeod, Emilie Zoey Baker, Carmel Bird, Randa Abdel-Fattah, Jane Caro, Meme McDonald, Jason Steger, Tobie Puttock, Tara Wynne, Andy Jackson and more. Listen to: the song The Secret Sandwiches wrote for WAM; the radio documentaries made through ABC Open; Dorothy Gilding on ABC Local; an interactive animated story made by our local schools.

WAM 2011 Festival guests included David Astle, Chris Badenoch, Anh Do, Nigel Brennan, Arnold Zable, Steven Amsterdam, Fiona Wood, Jenny Darling, Zoe Dattner and Fayez Philippe Hanna, Emilie Zoey Baker, John Charalambous and Jason Steger.

WAM 2010 Guests included Emilie Zoey Baker, Chris Hammer, Cate Kennedy, Melina Marchetta, Chris Masters, Angela Meyer, Scott Monk, Andrew Rule, Louise Southerden and Jason Steger. Listen to: recordings from the festival of Melina Marchetta and Narelle Oliver talking about their work.

WAM 2009 Festival guests included Debra Adelaide, Susan Duncan, Peter FitzSimons, Alison Lester, Shane Maloney, PD Martin, Michael McGirr, Alice Pung and many others.

WAM 2008 Guests included David Stratton, Hannie Rayson, Cate Kennedy, Michael Pryor, Felice Arena, Libby Gleeson, John Charalambous, Nathan Curnow and more.

WAM 2007 The inaugural Write Around the Murray began as a celebration to open the new award-winning LibraryMuseum.