The Ghost Project

Part installation, part museum, part story exchange The Ghost Project embarks on a discussion between audience and artists to unearth the culturally ubiquitous phenomena of ghosts, spirits and hauntings.

Developed and presented in modular form the work collects local stories and imagery, enacts a version of these, captures that action and then reinstates the action (through projection, sound and installation) back onto the same location. Very literally it creates ghosts of the theatre that has been before.

The Ghost Project is part museum, but one where the divide between fact and fiction is purposefully blurry. One where the dialectic beats the didactic. Where we question whether scientific proof or imagination has more veracity.

There are those who believe the ghosts to be incarnations of the un-dead and those who see them as fevered imaginings. Yet, whichever version you accept, it does not make the ghosts less mysterious or less appalling; and it does not change the outcome of the tale.

Perhaps the ghosts are real, perhaps they are a conjuring of your mind. It’s a space where, ultimately, all lines are blurry and our imagination is as fearsome as reality.

Do you have a local ghost story?

The content of this installation will be in response to and with the participation of members of the Albury and regions community. To share your story and for more information, contact Narelle Vogel on (02) 6023 8753 or email

The Ghost Project is created by Anna Tregloan and The Association of Optimism.

It can be experienced during the Write Around the Murray Festival, 13 - 17 September 2017.

Book via the event page

This work was developed with the support of HotHouse Theatre, through the Month In The Country residency program.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Department of Communications and the Arts' Festivals Australia program.